Blockhapp explores the business usecases of blockchain tecnology. Blockchain enables businesses to improve efficiency and to develope new business models. With combination of AI and Big Data Blockchain is expected to be one of the main drivers of the fourth industrial revolution.



Bloockhapp helps businesses in various industries identify new business models with the possibilities of the distributed ledger technology. Blockhapp is particularly interested in the use of blockchain technology with sustainable finance and sustainable economy. It also helps startups and small businesses with fundraising and other financial issues considering various options and helps them with the negotiations.

Blockhapp develops an intuitive power-assisted wheelbarrow which can be an efficient tool for smaller growers. It wants to contribute to more sustainable agriculture.

The founder of Blockhapp, Mateja Treven, has extensive experiences in management, particularly in financial industry and insurance. In her career she worked twelve years as a board member and as CFO, executed several acquisitions and fundraising projects, performed merges, managed the portfolio of various asset classes and evaluated different investment opportunities. She is skilled in business negotiations and project management.  She is a promoter of sustainable investing and she also believes in the benefits that the blockchain technology can bring to the economy and society.

Picture of Blockhapp Founder

Mateja Treven, CFA